Rain Mail is free disposable temporary email service.

Just choose an email address click create or have one generated at random.

Different domains available and more will be added.

All email is permanently and irrevocably deleted after 24 hours.

Attachments up to 50mb allowed.

Your inbox is public, anyone creating an address with the same name can read your email.

For added security use an address such as 4v56ewv6w357nnv57ewct34fdvdfas4ae@ almost impossible to guess ;)

DO NOT use for sensitive/confidential emails !

Please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Domain expiry dates - these domains will NOT be available after these dates !

filerpost.xyz - 19 Mar 2019 - Expired, no longer available!

zerodog.icu - 09 Feb 2020

emohawk.xyz - 18 Feb 2020

mrflibble.icu - 19 Feb 2020

psirens.icu - 13 March 2020

cdcovers.icu - 09 April 2020