Welcome to RainMail

Rainmail - a free temporary disposable email service.

Rainmail is a free temporary disposable email service, it allows you to create one or more temporary email addresses from many different domains, you can choose your own or click 'Random' to have one generated for you, more domains are added on a regular basis, please remember the email address you create is public and can be accessed by anyone creating the same address. For added security use an address such as 4v56ewv6w357nnv57ewct34fdvdfas4ae@ almost impossible to guess ;)

  • Up to 50mb attachments
  • You can download your emails as a .eml file to keep, this can then be imported in to Outlook or another email client.
  • All email is permanently and irrevocably deleted after 24 hours
  • You can delete your own emails (these are not sent to a deleted folder, they are permanently and irrevocably removed from the servers)
  • Yan can NOT send or reply to emails
  • Please DO NOT use for sensitive/confidential emails !
  • Please DO NOT use for anything you consider important !
  • All domains are removed after 1 year

Why Use Rainmail?

Spam is a problem these days and can ruin your personal or business email inbox, by giving out your email to anyone and everyone you can also compromise your security.

This is where Rainmail comes in, all you need to do is create an (email) address and use that to register on forums, blogs or any other site requiring email registration for a seemingly simple task, e.g. simply download a .PDF file, even some public Wi-Fi hotspots require an email address before you can connect, they do this to collect your information so they can send you marketing and advertising emails for other services owned by same company, big business these days.

We also use multiple DNSBL's (Domain Name System-based Blackhole Lists) to help keep 99.9% of malicious spam and viruses from each and every inbox created.

Domain expiry dates.

Not only is our email temporary, our domains are as well.

These domains will NOT be available after these dates !

ouroboros.icu - 14 May 2021 - Expired, No longer available

temp-mail.monster - 03 July 2021 - Expired, No longer available

yaocaobi003.xyz - 08 Sept 2021 - Expired, No longer available

zerodog.icu - 19 Sept 2021 - Expired, No longer available

kinitawowis.xyz - 18 Oct 2021 - Expired, No longer available

polymorph.icu - 30 Nov 2021

epideme.xyz - 10 Feb 2022

despairsquid.xyz - 04 March 2022

psirens.icu - 21 May 2022

imgrpost.xyz - 27 May 2022

rimmerworld.xyz - 02 July 2022

emohawk.xyz - 22 Aug 2022

theinquisitor.xyz - 19 Sept 2022

muttonvindaloobeast.xyz - 16 Oct 2022

tempmail.red - 18 Nov 2022

Why do we let domains expire? eventually the amount of Spam is unbelievable and the number of malicious emails and viruses also increases over time, so to keep our servers running smoothly and protect our users, we never renew a domain (and it saves money, domain renewals are always more expensive so this also helps to keep Rainmail a free service)

Rainmail is available in 9 different Languages

English, Hindi, French, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, German and Polish

So remind me, why should I use Rainmail?

So you don't risk your security by giving your email address to just any website and filling your in-box with Spam, fill ours instead, we really don't mind :)